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A thermal imager is an instrument that determines the temperature on the surface under study. He is an excellent assistant of a person in:

• Industrial sector. Control over the temperature of the object (energy audit);

• Electrical supply. Search of defects and malfunctions in electric systems;

• Construction. Evaluation of the thermal insulation properties of structures and materials.

Thermal imagers rescue rescue services, firefighters and military, revealing live power, equipment. They found application in the automobile industry, underground, medicine, railway. Transport, shipbuilding, etc. Even hunters use thermal imagers.

Therefore, we will analyze some properties of the apparatus.

Size and functionality

If regular changes are expected, the dimensions and weight of the thermal imager should be convenient for use. For technical specialists, the market offers small-sized devices with a low weight (200-500 grams), which are easily transferred during inspections.

For quick access, these units are attached to the belt or placed in a tool box. Comfortable use of the thermal imager requires the presence of keys (buttons) for direct access to the main options. When working with images, the optimal solution is a touch screen.

Thermal imagers operated in industrial areas and manufactured in a metal casing are protected from the influence of high temperatures, dust, humidity and other external influences.


Many thermal imagers are equipped with digital video cameras (from 3.5 megapixels), which allows the device to display objects in the visible spectrum and save the data for processing and analysis. Therefore, when conducting regular reports, a thermal imager with a built-in camera is recommended. The flashlight replaces the LED backlight, laser pointers select a specific area, and markers on the finished photo give the ability to quickly detect fixed points.

If you need the required optical capacity of the camera when examining objects that are at a great distance or have small dimensions, it is recommended to use additional lenses. For example, wide-angle lenses can shorten the working distance by half.

The sensitivity of the matrix elements will affect the clarity of the imager's image. The more such elements, the higher the optical capacity and wider the field of view of the device.

High resolution infrared camera provides:

• Obtaining more accurate data;

• Measurements from longer distances;

• Inspection of small objects.

Resolution of the detector

It directly affects the clarity of images, ensuring the data is received without errors. Of course, much depends on the resolution of the display, but the decisive importance for the indicators is the resolution of the detector. From this characteristic of the thermal imager, the minimum defect size (temperature anomaly) of the object that is being investigated depends. The higher (lower) the resolution, the more (less) clear the report is.

If you are at a loss with the choice of the device, we recommend contacting our Technical Service Department (accredited) as a laboratory for thermography and thermal imaging diagnostics (the certificate was received in July 2016).

Here you will be selected, based on your tasks, inexpensive and high-quality thermal imagers certified in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan.

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