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Of the audit is evaluation of the effectiveness of utilization of all types of energy resources and secondary energy resources. Analyse any aspects of the energy consumers in the field of optimization of fuel and energy consumption. The end result of energy inspection and energy passport of the enterprise.

There are several types of surveys of the energy audit. Briefly get acquainted with them.

The timing of

In terms of implementation of energy inspection is an energy audit:

• Primary. It is held in respect of enterprises that are not subjected to the energy audit or energy performance got over 5 years ago;

• Another. The survey is conducted every 5 years (minimum) but not more than once in 24 months. Compares two figures: the real data of energy efficiency and the previous one. The modified data are recorded in the energy passport;

• The extraordinary. This check is made, if the company increased energy consumption and decreased the efficiency of their use, increased production cost due to fuel, increased emissions, etc.;

• Pre-operational. The energy inspection is carried out before (in the beginning) in the operation of equipment after major repair, changes in operational modes and replacing cars.

The amount of work done

In this parameter, an energy audit is divided into:

• Express-audit. It runs on an abbreviated program without using equipment (with minimum use) and is limited in time the scope of work. This energy audit can evaluate primary and secondary energy resources, the operation of the separate unit and a separate energy efficiency;

• Complete surveys on all types of energy and carried out with instrumental measurements. Their volume is determined by the auditor based on the agreed programme of the investigation;

• A comprehensive survey. It's a combination of different types of audit;

• Survey of technological processes.

Based on the objectives of work performed, it is possible to combine the types of energy audits.

The company Baltech offers services for conducting energy audits. It holds the office of Technical Service (OTS), which was accredited as a laboratory for thermography and thermal diagnostics (got the certificate in July 2016) and is equipped with modern measuring devices.

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