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To replace the standard method of temperature measurement comes contactless method. In construction, energy, industry and other spheres of human activities often have to perform this operation in tight spaces or difficult to reach objects. The environment can be sterile or aggressive, and a danger of electric shock or other conditions make it difficult temperature control.

But if the test object is moving or the temperature of the object exceeds a hundred degrees? In such cases contact measurement impossible. Here the temperature is measured using thermometers. They allow, keeping at a distance from the diagnosed object, accurately measure. The purity of the experiment is not disturbed, and the specialist does not put your life at risk.

The benefit of using pyrometers.

The use of pyrometers allows to save human resources and Finance, because they allow to perform the measurements without stopping the production cycle. Contact temperature measurement requires, at least for a short time downtime. But even such a short period of time threatens many businesses with strong losses.

The integration of such measuring devices is in manufacturing - a real panacea, able to increase power production without significant material costs.

With high speed and accuracy measurement, pyrometers increase the efficiency of labor and improve its performance. The mechanical action on the object is excluded, there are no energy losses, which also increases the accuracy of the results.

Significantly reduced the possibility of personnel injury. The farther the distance of the object, the less the risk of injury, especially at high temperatures. And temperature measurement using a pyrometer is performed from a significant distance.

Therefore, the benefits from the implementation of these measuring devices is undeniable. To spend necessary measurements in a hazardous area, employees do not have to risk your health!

The working principle of the pyrometer

If body temperature differs from absolute zero, it will radiate into space heat. Therefore, the principle of operation of IR thermometer is based on measuring the energy coming from the objects. The main element of the pyrometer sensor. Its purpose is to detect infrared radiation from a hot object and convert it to Electrosignal proportional to temperature. After signal processing, the obtained result is displayed on the integrated screen.

As you can see, the method of temperature measurement by pyrometer is a simple and cheap, and the measurements themselves are performed quickly and are made large enough and safe for the operator distance. The range of the device depends on its optical resolution and transparency of the medium.

If you need the measuring devices, the company Baltech offers a unique thermometer to measure the temperature of BALTECH TL-0208C, BALTECH TL-0212C, BALTECH TL-0215C.

With thermometer we recommend you to use our TR series thermal imaging cameras are certified in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan.

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