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Alignment of couplings, gear shafts and machine trains should be carried out using special alignment systems BALTECH SA-4000, BALTECH SA-4100, BALTECH SA-4200, BALTECH SA-4300 Series.

Couplings for connecting coaxial rotating parts are well described in a special literature, manufacturers’ catalogs, industry standards and regulations (guidance documents). Anyone can design the coupling himself using any textbook about the machine parts.

Let’s consider the operating conditions of the most common couplings and the corresponding alignment requirements.

1. Fixed couplings (sleeve couplings, split muff couplings, flange couplings) have a simple design and a small moment of inertia, but requires a very precise alignment otherwise the misalignment will cause shaft deformations and increase of bearing load. As a rule, the alignment tolerance for the angular misalignment is not more than 0.03 mm / 100 mm and for the offset is not more than 0,03mm. The accuracy of alignment can be estimated by the bearing unit temperature increase, oil temperature increase, vibration level increase and other parameters.

2. Expansion, elastic, claw and similar couplings do not eliminate the shaft misalignment but reduce the load on the shafts and bearings, ie they convert the mechanical energy into the heat energy and can reduce the alignment accuracy. The accuracy of alignment can be estimated by the temperature increase of bearings units, oil and couplings, increase of vibration level, etc.

The coupling alignment tolerances have a wide range and depend not only on the coupling type but also on accepted standards in various industries. For example, in oil and gas industry the angular misalignment tolerance for a double gear coupling of a main line pump is 0.03 mm / 100 mm and the offset is 0.03 mm. In aviation industry the angular misalignment tolerance for a spline coupling is 0,28mm / 100mm and the offset is 0,28mm . In the absence of alignment tolerances, depending on the speed and type of the coupling, one should use the alignment tolerances recommended by BALTECH or other leading manufacturers of the alignment equipment.

Coupling shaft alignment, intermediate shaft alignment can be performed using the inexpensive alignment systems BALTECH SA-4300.

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